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Supply Chain Analysis

Finding ways to achieve major profitability improvement may require an in-depth analysis of the supply chain from supply through manufacturing, and distribution. During the analysis, processes are examined, key drivers are identified, and the value and cost of the processes are determined. Manufacturing and product alternatives may be considered relative to market and competition factors. The result may be process improvement initiatives or strategic supply chain changes.

To effectively identify all opportunities and develop new strategies or processes with commitment leading to success, people from various functions may be involved. We can facilitate the process where people from areas such as operations, marketing, finance/accounting, research/development, purchasing, and human resources team up to use a systematic process of analysis and decision-making.

Quality Management

  • Establishing processes to provide consistency for clearly defined customer expectations
  • Ensuring quality in all business processes and products

Measurement Systems

  • Defining and developing measurements with proper use to focus efforts and support processes to increase performance

Training Methods and Documentation

  • Defining training
  • Developing training materials: presentation and user documentation
  • Delivering training for effective learning and skill development

High-Performance Teams

  • Encouraging teams to function effectively within a supportive environment, using their skills and knowledge to participate in business processes
  • Training in team skills for various tools/techniques

Organizational Elements Common to All Services

  • Developing vision, strategy, and plans
  • Coaching for individual skills improvement
  • Analyzing data
  • Project management
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