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The Principal

Continuous Improvement

  • Developing capabilities of problem-solving focused on business value using Six Sigma techniques
  • Creating the support systems and environment for effective participation
  • Training facilitators
  • Facilitating sessions – planning, problem-solving, and business process design

Establishing a Continuous Improvement mindset within the organization enables you to achieve a mode of endless improvements, with teams applying a systematic problem solving methodology to identify problems and their root causes, and implementing solutions.

This service establishes a team-oriented problem-solving environment and develops capabilities within the organization to apply their skills with a systematic methodology, focused on strategic business objectives.

These teams use Six Sigma techniques, including analytical tools (SPC) and teamwork methodologies. The elements are established for an empowering environment and for the identification and selection of projects using Six Sigma measurement and analysis techniques. Projects are selected to deliver the most value, based on strategic business needs, and gains are clearly visible.

Using this Team-oriented process, you enable your people to become proficient problem solvers, as they:

  • Understand business needs and align their efforts with opportunities and goals
  • Work effectively as a cohesive team, disciplined to the process
  • Develop necessary knowledge and skills from training / workshops
  • Adhere to key principles
  • Use the proper techniques- from teamwork methods to analytical tools, SPC
  • Use tools of premier improvement processes, eg. Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing
  • Determine the best solutions
  • Achieve successful change in implementation that is sustainable
  • Measure performance and track results
  • Manage the projects with plans, goals, milestones, and measurements

While we do make use of problem solving and process development techniques that are common across industries and functions, we also use methods that are specific to specialized situations. These include techniques to reduce waste in manufacturing processes, such as quick changeover, value mapping, flow balancing, process flow/layout, pull / Kanban.

During implementation of well-designed solutions for root causes, measurements are used to verify the improvements. The changes leading to improvement are sustained because proper implementation techniques based on change management methodologies are used.


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