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The Principal

About Progain


Our mission is to help organizations improve operating performance by establishing capability and commitment to improve processes focused on key business needs. This is accomplished by effecting changes, whether they involve implementing new systems and technology or changing the organization’s business processes and culture. The nature of these services is to clearly determine the client’s strategic business objectives and needs and to provide service aligned with those needs.

Philosophy and Approach in Providing Services

We build our customized products based on the specific needs, business situations, terminology, and organizational characteristics of the client. Progain focuses on developing the capabilities within your organization, and can also support your needs to complete specific tasks for timely progress.

We go beyond recommendations, ensuring satisfactory results by working through real issues, generating implementation actions, assisting throughout the process of making the changes, and measuring the results. The changes leading to improvement are sustained because proper implementation techniques based on change management methodologies are used.

Customer focus

Progain can help you explore successful techniques and models to determine which will work the most effectively for your firm. We’ll then customize the standard techniques and models to conform to your specific needs, business situations, terminology, and organizational characteristics. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering the projects as agreed.


Teamwork is the norm for projects with which Progain is involved. Our sincere desire to make your project yours and for each member of your team to be successful is evident in the manner in which we provide services.

Cutting-edge techniques

While we have already developed and authored training and implementation techniques based on our own experience and research, and we constantly examine new, premier techniques. We then integrate elements of those that are successful into applicable projects.

In summary, our processes and techniques are sound, we deliver our products as agreed, and we team with the client to integrate our expertise with the knowledge within the client’s organization for making major improvements.

Company Background

Progain, Inc., founded in 1997, is an organization that features a unique blend of technical expertise, business knowledge and the critical elements of making changes within an organization.

We have experience throughout the manufacturing industries including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Chemical Processing
  • Forest Products
  • Metal Fabrication and Forming
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Equipment Fabrication and Assembly
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Medical Products
  • Agriculture Products


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