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Equipment Reliability


  • Developing capabilities to attain proper equipment condition
  • Integrating key business processes into the operating plan for maximum equipment availability
  • Software configuration and design of reporting systems

Equipment Reliability
The equipment reliability processes focus on using premier maintenance techniques, effective organizational methods, and measurement systems to achieve peak performance from operating systems.

These processes include the following categories:

  • Direction and Strategy
  • Work management
  • Material management
  • Condition analysis
  • Measurement systems
  • Information systems
  • Organizational

In providing equipment reliability services, we design processes you can follow to achieve reliable equipment operations. We focus on operating results in the areas of service, quality, and cost, addressing issues such as.

· Lean manufacturing: In what ways is equipment reliability necessary for embracing a lean manufacturing approach that will ensure that your equipment operates reliably to produce when needed?

· Quality management: How is equipment condition integral to attaining consistency in production?

· Work management processes: What processes best provide the structure and coordination for effective equipment reliability activity?

· Material management processes: How can we ensure that parts and materials are available as needed at only value-added cost?

· Condition analysis: What activities are most effective for achieving availability, providing the capability to operate per specification?

· Preventive and predictive activities: How can we determine the condition of our equipment and how can we maintain or improve it to ensure that it functions properly? What techniques from methodologies such as TPM, RCM, and FMECA can be used effectively?

· Failure analysis processes: What are the root causes of actual or potential failures and how can you prevent them?

· Measurement processes: What is the best way to measure performance and progress and reinforce the activities that encourage progress?

· Implementation of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) system: How can we ensure that a CMMS is used properly to support our business?

· Staff roles and skills: What roles must your staff take on in order for your organization to function efficiently and effectively, and how can you clearly communicate them throughout the work processes?

· Training: How can you ensure that your staff is appropriately trained to assume the proper technical and organizational functions?


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