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The Principal

Start-up Process for New Plants and Systems

  • Commissioning equipment, activity development, and activity documentation
  • Establishing business systems
  • Developing operating procedures
  • Training in operating functions and processes

Start-up Process
Services to establish an efficient and effective start-up process include preparation in three general categories:

  • Equipment: commissioning so equipment will function properly
  • Business process: defining and designing processes such as operating procedures
  • People: training and organization functionality, roles, and responsibilities

Results of an effective start-up include quickly attaining excellent performance levels, with capable, enthusiastic employees. The start-up curve is steeper and non-value activity is avoided in the process.

Proper planning and preparation are critical for an effective start-up. Commissioning activities, training and development of business processes are integrated into a complete start-up process in order to achieve initial production success. Using this process, the organization also establishes a culture that continues to develop capabilities and improve performance on an ongoing basis.


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